tiruamala College Onboard members

The Government of Andhra Pradesh constituted the governing bodies of all Private Engineering Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1983. The present Governing Body Members (GBM) and the Members of Management (MM) of the college are:

Tirumala Engineering College Association:

1) Sri B. Brahama Naidu, Chairman

2) Sri B.Nageswara Rao, Vice-Chairman

3) Sri R. Satyanarayana, Secretary & Correspondent

4) Sri D. Brahamanandam, Treasurer

tiruamala College Onboard members

It is extremely gratifying to note that the Tirumala Engineering College is functioning effectively on the expected lines. I wish to remind that the college came into being after long deliberation. Understandably, we didn’t want it to be “an another college”. Money- making has never been our motto. In order to provide an incentive to merit students we have set apart an annual corpus of Rs.60 Lakhs donated by our Tirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. This amount will be awarded by way of scholarships to 10 toppers of each branch every year. This is one way of repaying our gratitude to Dairy farmers of Guntur and Prakasam districts whose sons and daughters might be studying in our college. We wish to make the college the pride of Palanadu region.

- Sri. Bolla Brahma Naidu, Chairman
tiruamala College Onboard members

I am proud to say that at no stage have we compromised on the parameters set by AICTE in regard to building construction, Lab equipment, staff selection and their salary structures. In certain aspects we have even provided better facilities than expected of us. They are there for every one to see. We hope the students and the staff will sharpen their academic skills in order to meet the mounting challenges. We earnestly wish them to keep up the cherished Indian values in the campus, without sparing any space to parochial elements

- Sri.R.Satyanarayana, Secretary & Correspondent
tiruamala College Onboard members

Our aim is to fashion Tirumala Engineering College into an Institution of excellence. Mere degrees earned through hard study may fetch a job. But it should be remembered that a mind empowered by creative thinking makes marvels possible bringing immoratal fame. We would like the students to aim high in life.That may,sometimes,fall short of their expectations.But that will help them momentum and speed. Tirumala Engineering College will do fro them all that it can.But they too should paly their part with commitment without getting lost in trivialities.

- Sri B.Nageswara Rao, Vice-Chairman
tiruamala College Onboard members

As of now, there is large inbalanced between the incomes of rural and urban areas. Our drive is to minimize it through farm related activities. It is common knowledge that a break-through can be achieved only through modern technology. Engineering college can help us in this direction. We, the founders of Tirumala Engineering College, are farmers first and foremost. You know. a farmer persists in farming regardless of outcome. Such is his atachment to the soil. So is ours to the soil and to the dependents on it. Rural areas are our consistuency, and ou mission is their all-round development. We earnestly seek yourcooperation in whatever we do fro the devlopment of villages.

- Sri D. Brahamanandam, Treasurer